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    The Alphaliner CIPP liner

    The world's leading UV light curing CIPP liner for highest standards

    Rehabilitation projects currently use approx. 600,000m of Alphaliners per year. Excelling in design and material composition, the Alphaliner CIPP liner (GRP hose liners) provide special benefits and have been optimised for long service life and durability. The primary contributory factor here is the particularly thick wearing course made from high-grade resin. This means that the Alphaliner CIPP liner is not only significantly more resistant to aggressive substances in the sewage, but also well-equipped against abrasion and damage from flushing processes.

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    Extensive laboratory trials and practical experience prove the product's durability. Nearly 2,000,000m of successfully installed Alphaliners show no surface damage whatsoever. Sewer sections rehabilitated using RELINECHINA's procedure have a service life of 50 years and more, enabling long-term depreciation.

    Together with the right installation equipment, we can always provide the optimum solution for a variety of application areas as well as for circular, ovoid, square, or custom cross-sections. Alphaliners are used in sewers with nominal diameters of DN 150 to DN 1800.

    • Alphaliner500G
    • Alphaliner1800

    The light curing AlphalinerUP CIPP liner enables particularly time-efficient trenchless rehabilitation processes of up to 300m per day. Especially for inner-city projects, this helps to minimise the impact on residents and road traffic. The service life of a rehabilitated sewer section is 50 years or more.


    AlphalinerUP is a latest generation CIPP liner designed specifically for rehabilitating communal waste water sewers.

    • Excellent chemical resistance to communal waste water
    • High mechanical characteristics for long-lasting resilience
    • Unique wearing course on the inner liner surface
    • Optimum solution for circular, ovoid, square, or custom cross-sections

    More information:

    » AlphalinerUP – DN150-DN1800 - Characteristics


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